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I am a Chiropractor and Wellness Practitioner. I have known Bob Hoeffner since 2002. I sat in on a lecture at the Chamber of Commerce. the way he spoke, the material he taught and the way he could captivate the audience made my decision to hire Bob as my coach easy, probably one of the easiest decisions in my career.

He is disciplined and focused, he really helped me laser focus on my goals and my intentions to achieve the Chiropractic Practice I truly wanted.He and i worked directly for two years and remained, guiding and supporting me for the next several years to follow. Some mistakes are important to make in one's career to learn from but other mistakes should really be avoided. Bob gave me the guidance to be able to navigate the often turbulent waters of owning one's own business.

He is kind, yet stern. He is extremely knowledgeable and he always seems to have encouragement for moving forward and advancing one's career. 

Bob will always be on my contact list, as I believe a good mentor

is a precious gem to have.


Sage Campione, DC

I heartily recommend Bob for personal and professional coaching.  I worked with Bob for a long time and found him to be experienced, learned, empathetic, and personally invested in me.  My employees willingly bought in to working with Bob.  Bob not only has the skills, Bob uses proven methods and exercises.  No one should go through professional life without a coach and Bob is among the best! 

Mark Chinn, CEO Chinn & Associates PC

Attorneys And Counselors At Law

From our first coaching and strategic planning session, Bob Hoeffner brought clarity to challenges we've been wrestling with for months.

Our deep dive together into mission, goals and objectives has guided critical decisions- and surfaced new products, sales marketing and funding opportunities to put JustGOODNews.BIZ on solid ground.

It all came together in this week's strategic planning session with our investors and advisors. Bob's facilitation brought alignment on strategies- and commitment from our leaders to drive them forward.

Bob's wealth of business experience, personal warmth and sense of humor makes him an ideal coach for any executive. His integrity inspires trust.

We're confident in our future and grateful that Bob and Triple-Double Achievement are key parts of it. Thank you, Bob.

Dick Rush- Chairman

Kris Rush- CEO


Thanks for all of your great coaching and advice.  Your passion and caring shine through and I appreciate the work we did to help me move farther down my path to higher goals and new experiences! My two standing ovations at my first speaking engagement were all thanks to you! Keep'em moving forward! 

Terry DaVolt 


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