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How many people in your organization can articulate the most important parts of the strategic plan? Can you?

Building your Strategic Plan 

Every business, big or small, start-up or mature needs a strategic plan. Not one that is as thick as a book and that never sees the light of day- one that is concise and that each employee understands and executes against.

-Our facilitation of your strategic plan produces a powerful simple plan that drives results. Most plans are 2-3 pages and they are designed to be "living documents" 

-Pulling a plan together takes as little as 12 hours, typically accomplished in three 4 hour sessions. 

-A completed plan includes the company's:

  • Vision                                    
  • Mission
  • Core Values and Beliefs
  • Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
  • Goals with objectives and action plans 

-In bigger companies we work with leadership to add:

  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Human Resources and staffing plan
  • IT/IS plans

We work with your leadership every step of the way. We facilitate and create the document which following approval is put into action. We work with you to create a rollout plan and then assist in the implementation.


Pricing is based on company size and complexity

Start-ups and businesses under $1million$2,500 - $7,500
Businesses between $1 million and $5.0 million$7.500 - $20,000
Businesses bigger than $5 million$20,000- $30,000

Pricing for 2nd, 3rd, 4th years, etc. are typically 25%-50% less.